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"The course is so well can understand it all really well! "

"Japanese in 12 has made it structured and flexible to learn Japanese"

What was your learning experience like before J12? Did you have any experience with Japanese in the past?
I dabbled in some Duolingo other than that I didn’t have any experience.

Did Japanese in 12 change the way you learnt Japanese? If so, how?
Japanese in 12 has made it very structured and flexible for me, having kids, working and having a side business takes up all the time that you just can’t go to classes so learning Japanese felt impossible even though I love Japan but then I found Japanese in 12.

Did you find learning new concepts and ideas easy with J12? If so, what parts of J12 helped?
I wouldn’t say it’s easy, some parts do take time, some of my weeks I like to push into two weeks just so I make sure I understand the concept.

How did you find the learning content of J12? Do you think it covered a satisfying amount of topics with enough depth?
I honestly love Japanese in 12, the learning content is just the right amount of information for that level

What was your number one absolute favourite thing you learned while undertaking J12?
My number one favourite thing I’ve learnt…. Probably the biggest thing for me was writing and reading hiragana, probably the proudest I had been was when I didn’t need to look at the hiragana chart to write the word down, I do still have a tough time with Kanji but writing Hiragana was probably my favourite thing.

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