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"I have made incredulous amounts of progress!"

"I never  thought I would at this level only after 1 year of learning a language"

What was your learning experience like before J12? Did you have any experience with Japanese in the past?
I started learning Japanese from the 12 week challenge that was offered at the beginning of this year, 2022. I started learning Japanese from scratch, I had no prior knowledge nor did I know what I was getting myself into. I was a complete beginner that had previously been very hesitant to try and learn Japanese because I was aware of the three “alphabets” and kanji had completely intimidated from trying to learn. My learning experience for the past year has been amazing. I am slowly making my way through the advanced intermediate and I couldn’t be more surprised with my progress. The amount of Kanji I can recognize is astounding and never would I have thought I would be in this level only after 1 year of learning a language

Did Japanese in 12 change the way you learnt Japanese? If so, how?
J12 was very interactive and challenging from the start. I liked the conversation modules and breaking down those conversation, changing the verbs/actions to fit them with different vocabulary that had been given to us in the previous weeks

Did you find learning new concepts and ideas easy with J12? If so, what parts of J12 helped?
Some of the concepts are definitely a lot more challenging than others but the breakdown and practice definitely helps solidify. I will say that although the module might be short in the content the practice definitely takes some time going back and forth in the vocabulary and the grammar. It helps that I constantly feel as if I have to use active recall which makes the learning process so much more successful. 

What was your number one absolute favourite thing you learned while undertaking J12?
My favorite thing about leaning while doing J12 was all the practice sheets and the download PDF that was so easy to keep track of. I felt like I was never truly lost in grammar concept and it made me feel more confident that I was understanding the grammar and cultural concepts. The hardest part of it all is keeping track of the Kanji vocabulary

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