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"Aimee does a great job explaining complicated forms into plain English" 

"J12 does a great job of introducing you to grammar and helping understand it"

What was your learning experience like before J12? Did you have any experience with Japanese in the past? 
I attempted to learn Japanese back in 2015, but I was unsuccessful. Having no experience self-studying a language at the time, I was very overwhelmed with all the grammar, writing systems, and vocabulary. I ended up "quitting" Japanese and moved on to study other languages, but part of me has always longed to get back into learning Japanese.

Did Japanese in 12 change the way you learnt Japanese? If so, how? 
Yes. The program definitely helped me a lot with pacing. I have this tendency to be very enthusiastic about a new hobby or language that I'm learning and it causes me to burn myself out. I end up trying to learn a bunch of things at once and I have no real structure in place when I study, so things oftentimes won't stick. I like how the J12 modules are separated into bite-sized modules, so you can learn a little bit (or sometimes a lot!) each day, so you're not overwhelmed. The course also got me into writing (or at least typing) in Japanese thanks to the practice questions in the modules. This has really helped me in terms of remembering vocabulary and solidifying grammar concepts.

Did you find learning new concepts and ideas easy with J12? If so, what parts of J12 helped?
Conjugating verbs was always a difficult thing for me in Japanese. Keeping track of all the different conjugations was very overwhelming, but J12 does a great job of introducing you to each one and helping understand them with clear explanations and lots of practice questions.

How did you find the learning content of J12? Do you think it covered a satisfying amount of topics with enough depth? 
I think the course covers a solid amount of content in terms of grammar and vocabulary, with enough depth to where you aren't overwhelmed with complicated, long explanations or too little.

What was your number one absolute favourite thing you learned while undertaking J12?
My favourite thing that I've learned from J12 is all the conversational vocabulary. It's helped make my Japanese sound more natural and fluid.

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